Marketing To The Modern Customer Buying Journey in New Zealand


Content marketing is the only marketing left. -Seth Godin.

Any business owner today knows that the task of finding new customers has changed over the last 10 years. Proven advertising and marketing tactics simply don’t work like they used to.

The list of problems with old marketing tactics are only getting worse;

  • Most advertising rarely gets seen or acted upon enough to justify the enormous costs.
  • Telemarketing is inefficient and a ‘numbers game’ that erodes brand value. -When was the last time you bought something from a phone call?
  • Specialist magazines and Yellow Pages were once the cornerstone of small business advertising. Now they’ve shrunk in size and readership, or in some case vanished all together.

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How Auckland Coffee Roasters Can Find Customers For High Caffeine Coffee


Building A Funnel Targeting Gym Users & ‘Pre-workout’ Users



Increase sales of The High Caffeine Coffee Co’s high performance coffee. 

The aim is to Identify, reach out to, engage, and then lead to purchase the ideal customer for The High Caffeine Coffee Co’s new product called “Work Out Coffee”.

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How Slingshot, Spark, 2degrees, & Vodafone, Could Generate Leads With Content


Case Study:  A marketing proposal for a telco marketing manager.

A strategic process for attracting WARM sales leads.

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Dentist Marketing in Auckland

Inbound Marketing Strategy That Sells To Dentists



Identify, engage and signup dentists to the new Dental Leads platform.  Develop a strategy that engages dentists with content, captures their information for marketing purposes and guides them towards listing on the site.  

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Inbound Marketing vs. Outbound Marketing


Inbound vs. Outbound Marketing… Which One Really Works Better

Ok, so odds are you know there are two types of marketing:

#1 – Inbound (social media, blogging, content, ads, SEO, etc.)
#2 – Outbound (cold email, LinkedIn messaging, Facebook outreach, etc.)

And odds are you know there’s lots of debate about which one is better. Some argue that Inbound wins hands down.   They make the whole “Positioning over Prospecting” argument. And it’s true… if THE ONLY THING you care about is positioning.

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5 Reasons Your Landing Pages Isn’t Converting Like It Should

How To Fix Your Landing Page  – To Get More Results for Less Money

My first 10 landing pages were a disaster and cost me a fortune in marketing campaigns that didn’t deliver. Luckily, after designing and writing copy for hundreds of landing pages in dozens of Industries I’ve learnt how to avoid the amature mistakes I made in those early days.  Through painful trial and error I’ve learnt what converts and what hurts.

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Essential SEO Advice For The Aucklanders

SEO advice for laymen graphic


The Complete Newbies Guide To SEO  – A Layman’s Overview

Everybody wants to get on the front page of Google,  most people know that SEO will get them there. That’s generally where the common knowledge ends.

This post is designed to help the newbies out there. It’s for the people who feel confused and overwhelmed and need to understand a little bit more so they can make good decisions about online marketing and SEO specifically.

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How To Create An Online Marketing Strategy in New Zealand

Iceberg image demonstrating online marketing Tactics vs Strategy


Create Your Own Online Marketing Strategy With The S.K.I.P Process…

The SKIP process is my trademark process for getting to grips with your online marketing strategy.

Most people are getting drips and drabs of biased information from a variety of sources. I’ve designed SKIP to help you quickly gain the upper hand in any marketing battle.

Being holistic is the only way you’re going to succeed. 

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