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Inbound Marketing Strategy That Sells To Dentists



Identify, engage and signup dentists to the new Dental Leads platform.  Develop a strategy that engages dentists with content, captures their information for marketing purposes and guides them towards listing on the site.  


Dental Leads is a completely new player and new concept to the dental industry.

Dental Leads needs to entice dentists to sign up to the platform as a way of generating new leads/customers for their practice.

The dental industry has wide variation in price and sometimes quality.  This variation exists due to the nature of the industry and lack of advertised pricing.  

Price variation has left consumers making decisions ‘in a vacuum’ without comparing offers or options from other dentists.


There is a larger context to the above situation.  The dental market (especially established players) may not necessarily welcome the Dental Leads platform and allowing consumers to easily ‘price shop’ their services.  In contrast, lower priced and newer practices will welcome the opportunity to compete for new business.  Lastly, our research shows that consumers do want to compare prices for dental treatments but are unable to do so currently.

There is huge opportunity to meet the demand of customers who want to check pricing and connecting them with dentists who can offer them greater value or lower prices.  To launch the business and make the site useable quickly, the site will need around 50-100 dentists from a broad range of geographic areas at a minimum.

The following proposal focuses on driving the dentist acquisition strategy for Dental Leads and quickly scaling the marketing and onboarding of dentists to reach critical mass and make the site useful to consumers.


Solution Summary:

The focus of this strategy is to build awareness of the Dental Leads brand and value proposition with dentists and sign them up to the service.

The aim is to identify the channels to reach and engage the target market efficiently, make them aware of the Dental Leads service, and escalate them through  a series of stages designed to lower their buying resistance, increase their desire to list on the site and prompt them to action (sign-up).  

Start with a scope and build of a group of assets including high quality specialized content to entice dentists into the signup funnel, multiple landing pages, automated follow up email sequences and lead capture systems that engage interested dentists,  indoctrinates them into the Dental Leads offer and then encourages them to join the platform.

Solution Requirements:

CONTENT: Working closely with the the business, develop a lead magnet that will qualify dentists and capture their contact info for follow up.

LEAD CAPTURE: Landing pages that offer the lead magnet in exchange for their name, email address and contact number.

LEAD NURTURE SEQUENCE: Write and setup an email sequence that’s automatically sent to leads who opted-in to the lead magnet.  Nurturing this way builds knowledge, delivers value, and brings the dentist closer to signing up.

SALES / SIGN UPs:  Once you have acquired contact information from dentists downloading the lead magnet, you then escalate them with a series of emails which build desire and urgency.  This culminates in call-to-action emails that push the sign up.  

NOTE: Telemarketing should be considered as a viable option for pushing dentists into the signup funnel.  Online mediums will only reach so many potential customers who are actively seeking marketing options.


Phase 1:  Build Assets

The process for acquiring clients online has evolved significantly over the years.   The lead generation strategy for Dental Leads involves identifying the target market, understanding their (immediate) problems and pain points and then producing content that solves these problems.  This problem solving piece of content is called a ‘lead magnet’ because it attracts leads from people as they enter their details and download it from the site.  It’s also a great qualifier, You have to be a dentist thinking about marketing to discover this sort of content.

The lead magnet will help the target customers get closer to being buyers by educating them, building their desire to list on Dental Leads, and informing their decisions on marketing. Also, the provision of educational material automatically positions Dental Leads as an authority and leader in the marketing of dentists and opens these dentists to their messages.

Lead Magnet Recommendations:

“The Busy Dentist’s Marketing Playbook”   Create a short guide of marketing options and activities that are proven to work for dentists.   Any dentist who downloads this is clearly in the right place to be considering Dental Leads.

Customers For LifeHow to keep your patients coming back year after year. Retention and repeat business are great topics of interest to dentists.  Downloading this also indicates need for the Dental Leads service.



Phase 2:  Lead Capture

Once a compelling lead magnet that people want to download is made the next step is to setup a dedicated page where you offer the lead magnet and ‘sell’ them on its usefulness.  you want dentists to fill out the online form with their contact information to get access to the content.  Dental Leads are providing value to them with the guide, they are providing a lead to Dental Leads in return.

Use a professional copywriter to highlight the features and benefits and ‘stir’ the pain points of the target market to motivate them and create urgency with some well written copy.  The investment in good copy is borne out in the results.  Strong landing pages with great copy bring in significantly more leads.

Lead Capture Setup Process:

Develop page design (look and feel)

Create copy and Call to Action (drawing people in, so they take next steps)

Technical setup: tracking & reporting, lead capture, gated content system.

Build & Test:  browser and device compatibility.  eg: PC vs iPhone

Launch offer page.



Phase 3:  Lead Nurture

Once someone has opted in to the lead magnet offer and received the content they are primed to receive further information from Dental Leads.  Next, it’s time to craft a series of emails that are designed to add value to the information already received and invite them to further engage with the business through articles, testimonials, online assessments and video content that is inline with the original content download AND of particular interest to dentists.

NOTE:The overriding theme is one of delivering meaningful and useful information that will help the dentist do their job and carry out marketing activities.   By building free content targeted at this purpose Dental Leads become a trusted resource.  The byproduct of this is authority and thought leadership within the market.  When Dental Leads reach out to them with the offer to sign-up to Dental Leads they are primed and ready to receive and to act on the information.




Phase 4:  Traffic & Sales

Once you have a seamless buying funnel for potential customers that piques their curiosity and motivates them to exchange their contact information for the content, the next step is to generate as much targeted traffic as possible.

Use a variety of methods to generate both paid and organic traffic.  Bullet pointed below are the options Dental Leads will use.

Outreach.  Develop lists of dentists and people who fit the ideal personas.  Email and/or call them and invite them to access the information.

Blogging.  craft unique and useful content that ranks in search engines and generates traffic for the lead magnet and signup pages.

Paid Campaigns:  Using some combination of LinkedIn, Facebook, and Adwords to deliver targeted traffic to the offer.

Other options include offline efforts such as mail outs, phone calls and industry publications.  Continually add these as you scale the campaign.

If you create a compelling offer and strong landing pages, the amount of traffic you can acquire will determine  success.  

The fastest way to generate large volumes of traffic is paid ads on Google, LinkedIn and Facebook.  With paid traffic it is possible to reverse engineer a result with some basic assumptions.  Having said that, the more traffic Dental Leads buy, the more result you can expect.  The best part is this can be scaled up and down at will, allowing Dental Leads plenty of control over the expenditure and rate of customer acquisition.



Once a potential buyer has downloaded the content and received the follow up sequence of emails they are primed to receive Dental Lead’s sales/marketing message about joining Dental Leads.

Obviously, this won’t have a 100% hit rate.  you should conservatively estimate 1 in every 10 people who download the lead magnet would sign-up for Dental Leads. With a big enough pool of dentists to market to, this ratio can mean a lot of new sign-ups.  This can be modelled accurately once the campaign has been running for a few months and you have exact metrics to go by.


What You’ll Need To Be Successful

Marketing automation implementation and setup

Integration of marketing automation tool with a CRM


Persona development

Developing content calendar

Managing content creation

Landing page(s)

Optimisation of content from an SEO perspective

Outreach to industry publications

Outreach to prospects

General organic social media promotion and posting

Paid search setup, management and optimisation (to scale)

Paid remarketing setup, management and optimisation (to scale)

Paid social setup, management and optimisation (to scale)

Matrics & Tracking

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