How To Create An Online Marketing Strategy in New Zealand

Iceberg image demonstrating online marketing Tactics vs Strategy


Create Your Own Online Marketing Strategy With The S.K.I.P Process…

The SKIP process is my trademark process for getting to grips with your online marketing strategy.

Most people are getting drips and drabs of biased information from a variety of sources. I’ve designed SKIP to help you quickly gain the upper hand in any marketing battle.

Being holistic is the only way you’re going to succeed. 

To many people put all their eggs in one basket or rely on partial information when deciding what to do. With SKIP, you can make sure you’ve got the whole picture.

Copying the tactics of others will only get you so far. You may win a few fights but you’ll never take the title. Your leads will cost more, be less targeted, and harder to sell to unless you create your own strategy.


Situational Awareness:

Together we will ask & answer all the right questions. You need to be clear about where you’re currently at. We cover your available resources, website, social media, previous marketing, and your competition

We’ll go deeper too. Looking at the big picture and how we can use your previous sales and marketing in your online strategy.  Finally we will research your market in the online space to determine who’s winning, who’s losing and WHY.


Know Your Numbers:

This is the key to any business and even more so online. Being a good online marketer is a balance between being a “Mad Man” and a being a “Math Man”. Great ideas and creative solutions have to be backed up by the numbers. Together, we get clinical on the value of your customers. Determining the cost to acquire them and the ROI of your marketing. Only then can we design a strategy that grows your business in a profitable way.


Design Your Strategy:

When we know where you are now and where you want to get to (from steps 1 and 2), we can then create a road map that gets you there. With your numbers in mind, we create a plan combining the tactics that lead to the desired result. We will determine if Adwords or SEO is best. We will figure out if social media and influencers are the way to go. You will know where to use landing pages VS blog posts or email nurture programs. The right combination will bring your customers closer so you can close deals and make SALES.


Plan & Execute:

Once you have a customized strategy, planning and executing is a step by step process. Taking into account your available resources, budget, and goals we lay out the steps required to execute your strategy.

I guide you on where to invest your personal time & effort VS what areas you can outsource cheaply. Having an experienced coach to keep you on track and on budget is how you’ll stay on course and achieve your goals.

Why would you wait?

Figuring out YOUR online marketing strategy isn’t getting any easier.

With your own online marketing coach in your corner you can start throwing punches that connect!

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