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Che's Funnel Fixing Service

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Meet Che

Got A Blockage In Your Marketing Funnel ?

Are you doing your job of generating tons of leads, but only a small fraction turn into sales opportunities? 

Have you noticed an unusual amount of leads stuck in one section of your marketing funnel?

Or maybe you just want more people opting in! 

Well, friend... it sounds like you (or your agency) might have a clog. 

Funnel clogs are when leads get stuck in one part of your funnel and for whatever reason won’t move on to the next step in your sales process. 

These clogs can eat into your bottom line, lower your ROI and squeeze your moral as a marketer. As such, they need to be dealt with. 

If you’ve seen any red flags that you might have a clog, this page is for you

I work with business owners and marketing managers to locate and identify the cause of a clog and then give you strategies to fix them. 

There are all sorts of factors that can cause your leads to get stuck - from family emergencies to spam filters to your nurturing process not being the right length... or you simply could be missing a vital ingredient. 

Instead of jumping to conclusions or throwing your hands up in the air, let me help you dig into your data, find the cause of the blockage, and then show you how to fix it. 


If I can't find and fix the source of your blockage I'll waive my fee.

You see, I've built so many funnels that failed miserably at launch and then worked after tweaking, that I now succeed much more often than I fail.

It's not magic. I simply bring fresh eyes and a wide variety of experience to your funnel problems. 

I'll explain everything in our free 15 minute consultation. 

Go ahead, you've got nothing to lose. 

I promise! it will be the best thing you've done all hour. 

My money back promise

(I've got the marketing fibre your funnel needs)

OK Che, Fix my funnel you cocky bastard

I've spent the last 7 years travelling and running my marketing consultancy from a laptop.  

To make money I had to find new clients without an office, sales team, or face to face meetings. 

Over this time I created 100's of funnels for myself and clients. Funnels that engage and win all sorts of new business. 

Since marrying a Kiwi, I now bring these techniques to the fore for other businesses in my new home country, New Zealand!

Che Boielle

Founder / Veteran B2B Marketer / Very Slow Jogger

I'm new in town and as such I'm very keen to sign my first Kiwi clients, dazzle you with results, and then use your raving testimonials to win more clients and charge heaps more

Why should you care?

Well, as my first local clients in New Zealand I'll be charging you way less than usual because I have no reputation here (yet). I'll also be trying extra hard to impress you!

BasicallyIt's the most bamboozling self serving win-win arrangement you will ever find! 

So... while I've been marketing for 15 years, you can take advantage of my newness in NZ and get in while I'm fresh. You'll also lock in my services at a steep discount before I become super famous and raise my prices :)

Che Boielle

Founder / Veteran B2B Marketer / Very Slow Jogger



  1. I sit down and chat about your sales & marketing funnel. Your goals, your target market, the current buying journey etc...

  2. I go away and analyze your data and the steps in your funnel.

  3. I provide a list of recommendations to improve conversions and fix the clog in your marketing funnel. (with full explanations)

  4. You then decide which improvements you want to implement first and how. And if you want my help in doing it.

That's it!

No fluff, just high value useful insights. Plus the actions you can take to get your funnel flowing.

what i do

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