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NOTE: If you meet with me, 

I’ll take you for coffee / lunch / tequila shots 

and promise to be somewhat entertaining.

Meet Che

MORE Sales

LESS Cost.

Why Buy Marketing Services When Buying Customers Is Cheaper?

Right now, to get leads you're probably employing a sales team making hundreds of calls a day or running ads... looooots and lots of ads. 

  • Ads mean plowing a ton of cash into print media, social media, search, or all three. 

  • Outbound sales calls are even worse. Cold calling is a slowly worsening numbers game. It annoys the very people you want as clients and it kills your brand's positioning.

  • Lastly, most inbound marketing companies deliver solutions that are complex, expensive, and take a long time to deliver results. 


To find out how I get your ideal prospects to happily talk to you about your product or service, fill in the form below. 

I'll explain everything in a free 15 minute consultation. 

Go ahead, you've got nothing to lose. 

I promise! it will be the best thing you've done all hour. 

Let me handles the leg work of finding your next clients while you run your business... and sack your overpriced marketing agency. 


Let me find the leads and start conversations, you just close the deal. 

I can find and engage your prospects more quickly and more efficiently than paid ads, blogs or fiddly funnels. And I’ll do it in a way that puts you in total control over your lead generation. 

See, boring old formal business messaging just doesn't work. I show you how to connect you with your prospects in a way that feels human, entertaining and effective. 

We’ll take your existing product and sales pitch and wrap it with sweet, seductive, attention grabbing copy. Copy that makes people smile, nod their head, and then click reply. It’s an art and a science, and it’s the most cost effective lead generation you can do. 

I’ll prove you can stand out and book more meetings without...

  • Forking over mega bucks to Facebook or Google.
  • Waiting months for results
  • Creating endless blog content

Now you can forget all that stuff while I turn your prospects into warm ready-to-chat leads for you. 

I deliver warm leads your sales team will appreciate, leads your sales team will close. 


Imagine there was a way to get more leads and meetings with prospects who were ready to talk?

A way to get new customers that's efficient and doesn't involve spending on ads, print media, or expensive and complicated marketing campaigns.

tHE dream

(Thinly veiled sales pitch below)


I've spent the last 7 years travelling and running my marketing consultancy from a laptop.  

To make money I had to find new clients without an office or face to face meetings. 

Over this time I created a secret formula for using LinkedIn, email, and unique copy to find, engage and win all sorts of new business. 

Since marrying a Kiwi, I now bring these techniques to the fore for other B2B businesses in my new home country, New Zealand!

Che Boielle

Founder / Veteran B2B Marketer / Very Slow Jogger

I'm new in town and as such I'm very keen to sign my first Kiwi clients, dazzle you with results, and then use your raving testimonials to win more clients and charge heaps more

Why should you care?

Well, as my first local clients in New Zealand I'll be charging you way less than usual because I have no reputation here (yet). I'll also be trying extra hard to impress you!

BasicallyIt's the most bamboozling self serving win-win arrangement you will ever find! 

So... while I've been marketing for 15 years, you can take advantage of my newness in NZ and get in while I'm fresh. You'll also lock in my services at a steep discount before I become super famous and raise my prices :)

Che Boielle

Founder / Veteran B2B Marketer / Very Slow Jogger



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