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Kick Ass Content Marketing Case Studies

Want To Be Be The Best? Learn From The Best


One of the greatest things about content marketing is that the people doing it produce amazing content for our industry. Check out these case studies for inspiration and make a strong business case to start using content marketing strategies at your company.


Discover Exactly How To Convert Your Traffic Into Paying Customers (or leads)


Wow, you're doing great! You've created content, you've got some traffic, now it's time to turn that traffic into opt-ins, leads and sales using all the tools of the trade.


Learn How To Get Targeted Traffic To Your Site & Save $$$ With These Expert Guides


If you're just starting out and want fast results, a bit of paid traffic is a great way to get the ball rolling. Relying on organic search engine rankings or social media posts alone means your putting all your eggs in one basket. Don't do that! 


Advanced Content Marketing Strategies That Set You Apart From The Competition


Now that you've created a piece of content that people actually want to engage with and provides real value to your target audiance, it's time to show the world. This chapter shows you where to place your content and how to leverage your time and effort to make it as findable and usable as possible.   


Content Creation -What's Best For Your Audiance & How To Make It


Once you've researched your market and understood your customer, it's time to start building the high quality content that's going to attract them to your business. The best marketers go beyond just written blog content and develop tools, resources, courses and visual media. This chapter will get your creative juices flowing and make you certain about which one to build for your audience.


Create A Content Marketing Plan To Stay Focused & Reach Your Goals


60% of marketers FAIL to document their content strategy. Executing a content marketing strategy is a big project no matter how you cut it. Having a documented plan is the difference between success and failure. These resources show you how to create a plan and stick to it so you don't lose sight of the big picture and so you’ll always know what to do next.


How To Do Effective Market Research Using Online Tools

(so you don't waste time on a bad strategy)


If you’re new to Content Marketing – or wondering where to begin your efforts – these resources will help you get your first pieces of content off to a great start. You’ll learn how to identify and build the RIGHT content from the ground up and the “customer 1st mentality" required for inbound marketing success.



The Ultimate Guide

Many business owners are DIY-ing their marketing these days and at some point, they have to look past the gimmicks & general advice and go a little deeper to find out exactly HOW to really win online. If you want your company's content marketing to be the '800lb Gorilla' of your niche, then this DIY Content Marketing Guide is exactly what you should be studying. (seriously)

Content Marketing has become one the most important (and challenging) skills for marketers to learn. Truth be told, it’s a combination of many different skills such as research, psychology, design and copywriting to name a few. To be effective, you'll need to master some and get 'good enough' at others so you can create an effective content marketing strategy for your business.

If you want to find more buyers, earlier in their buying cycle and lead them to your door, then follow this guide and learn how to do it properly so your efforts get rewarded.


DIY Content Marketing Guide Banner

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Content Marketing Today 

How The Game Has Changed

There was a time in the world of online marketing where you could write a simple 800 word blog post, put up a tidy landing page, throw some Adwords at it and watch the traffic or sales roll in without too much extra effort... Those days are long gone.
Don't get me wrong: Regular blogging, producing unique content, and having great landing pages is still important and can still work, but these activities are nowhere near as effective as they once were. And the results are generally hit and miss for most industries.
Marketers that do well today, dedicate their time, money, and other resources towards understanding their customer and producing EXCEPTIONAL content in a strategic way.


Because now, everyone is producing unique content! The only way to stand out is by producing REMARKABLE content that improves the lives of the people in your niche!

When you go above and beyond, researching, creating, promoting, and HELPING the people in your niche; You're rewarded with attention and engagement that's just not available to business' that only "advertise" for customers.

Done right, high quality content positions you and your product head & shoulders above the competition and drives a burning desire for your target market to transact with you instead of the rest.

The Ultimate List of
Content Marketing Resources


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